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The pink square shape (on the surface of Willem de Kooning’s “Untitled II” 1977) on the right is copied, resized, and copied again twice, with all three copies placed vertical on the left side with all edges repainted to blend with the new surroundings. The pink organic boot-like shape is copied and pasted (original size) above the original with all edges repainted to blend with new surroundings. A smaller black mass of black strokes (located on the bottom right area) is copied, rotated to the right and placed above the original (with repainting applied around the edges to blend in with the new surroundings).


Willem de Kooning’s signature is copied from an untitled oil (on tempera) painting (27.3 x 19.1 cm) and pasted in a vertical row of thirty copies, which is repeated five more times resulting in six rows of thirty signatures on the surface of “Untitled V” (1977). Furthermore, two rows out of the six vertical rows are copied, resized (to accommodate two rows), and rotated horizontally and placed above the six vertical roles of signatures. Lastly, two vertical rows of six signatures are placed at the top – the first row at the left of the two horizontal rows of six and the second at the right of the two horizontal rows of six.

Working out the problem of color, toward a total structure

This is my most successful painting of 2016. Someday I’d like to see it on a large wall, perhaps in a installation. Aces!

Study for Madonna and Child

(Wiki:) A Madonna (Italian: [maˈdɔnna]) is a representation of Mary, either alone or with her child Jesus. These images are central icons for both the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The word is from Italian ma donna, meaning “my lady”. The Madonna and Child type is very prevalent in Christian iconography, divided into many traditional subtypes especially in Eastern Orthodox iconography, often known after the location of a notable icon of the type, such as the Theotokos of Vladimir, Agiosoritissa, Blachernitissa, etc., or decriptive of the depicted posture, as in Hodegetria, Eleusa, etc.